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Weight Loss Frisco TX

Woman stepping on scaleOur chiropractic and weight loss center offers safe and natural weight loss programs to help our patients feel better, look better and enjoy the benefits of healthy weight parameters.

Are you Serious About Losing Weight?

You can virtually melt away your fat without strenuous dieting or excessive exercising. This is the best weight loss secret to come along in years – when you’re talking about FAST EFFECTIVE weight loss.

You might be afraid the “solution” will be worse than the problem, but let me assure you, it’s not! When you schedule an appointment you’re going to receive something that NOT only helps you lose weight, but also helps your appearance, your face, your complexion and even your body structure.

Safe & Easy!

Our exclusive weight loss management system is completely SAFE and has been proven to work. It is based on scientific principles that cause almost immediate changes and is strictly administered along common sense protocols.

Here’s what most people don’t understand. When you’re heavy, you lose your strength, vitality, and you can become feeble. And on top of that you can age prematurely because your “fat” cells clog your body’s vital organs. That will change after you start utilizing this system. You may be like some people who have lost their figure due to this “fat” clogging weight gain.

The problem is, most overweight people are unable to find a simple, easy to follow system to reduce their fat and then keep it off. Even their coordination, daily movement and attractiveness are destroyed with this weight gain. That will all change when you start using this system.

We use two primary therapies to help with weight loss. They are:

  • Metabolic Program – is a multipronged approach to increase your metabolism and shed unwanted pounds.
  • Red Light Therapy – If you’ve been trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat and can’t despite diligently exercising, red light therapy can get you the results you want. It’s also an ideal therapy for those who don’t like to work out or don’t have time to exercise.

I have lost 24 pounds in just 21 days. I was skeptical but I have to tell you, based on my results, I would recommend this to anyone who’s ever had a problem with getting weight off and keeping it off.

Duane Carney, CA

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Get Started Today

Contact our office today! You won’t have to make any radical changes in your lifestyle with this program, … have surgery, or take any harmful drugs.

Your treatments are private and you can start to lose up to 1/2 a pound per day, depending on your size, age, condition of your body and follow through.

You will consult with Dr. Thomas personally for follow up and questions. Once you’ve reached your desired weight, you’ll have your shape back, have more energy, and you’ll have your self-esteem back.

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