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Neuropathy Treatment in Frisco

Numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, pain, a burning sensation in the feet. These are some of the most common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, which is damage or dysfunction of one or more nerves.

There are hundreds of causes of peripheral neuropathy and if left unaddressed could result in loss of legs and a person being relegated to a wheelchair. Once you get past 20% nerve damage, neuropathy progressively gets worse. Then, once you pass 85%, it becomes chronic and then you end up with dead tissue. At that point, neuropathy becomes irreversible.

The Problem With
the Conventional Approach

Those with neuropathy who seek traditional medical care are given prescription after prescription. This approach, however, merely masks pain and these medications are powerful yet they don’t get to the root cause.

“There are about 400 clinics across the country that are incorporating the same protocols that we are with a 98% success rate for complete reversal of neuropathy.”

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Providing Natural & Effective Treatment

Dr. Matt saw a need to help people with their neuropathy naturally, and he offers a multi-step protocol that gets incredible results. This protocol, which is mainly done at home, includes nutrition and supplementation.

In 2019, Dr. Matt became board-certified to treat neuropathy through the American College of Physical Medicine. To achieve that certification he underwent rigorous coursework and had to take a final test.


One of Dr. Matt’s patients suffered from neuropathy for a long time. This gentleman was unable to play with his many grandkids. His neuropathy was so bad that he could stand on a hot asphalt surface but couldn’t even feel the ground with his feet. This patient also could reach into a hot oven and pick up a scalding skillet and not even feel it. As a result, he would have blistering third-degree burns on his hands and on his feet.

The man had gotten to the point where he couldn’t drive a car because he couldn’t feel the pedals underneath his feet. Being unable to drive, this patient had to rely on his family and his neighbors to drive him around. He felt like he was a burden to them.

Now for the good news: within three months of active care at our practice, including following our protocol to a T, the man regained full function and could feel everything. He was able to drive a car again and get out and play with his grandkids.

What are common causes of neuropathy?

Neuropathy is most commonly due to diabetes; however, other causes include alcohol, drug use, chemotherapy, Agent Orange, and prescription medications, particularly statins and blood pressure medication.
How does nutrition help?

Nutrition is vital because it can help the body heal itself. When it comes to nutrition, the biggest thing is the nitric oxide component. With proper nutrition you can open up the blood vessels so that you can get oxygen and nutrients to the nerves. For those with diabetes, in particular, it’s crucial to manage your nutrition and your diet.

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Don’t let neuropathy change your life. It is reversible if treated early with our non-medication-based interventions. Contact us today to book an appointment with Dr. Matt!


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