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Playing With the Grandkids Again: A Patient Beats Neuropathy

Family baking togetherRichard was at a complete loss. His neuropathy drastically reduced his quality of life, and he had no idea what to do about it. He was no longer stable on his feet and couldn’t stand for long periods or walk long distances.

Exhausted by once-simple activities, Richard frequently found himself leaning against the wall for support.

Worst of all, he could no longer play with his grandkids. As Richard saw his declining health affect some of his closest relationships, he was desperate to take action.

A Cure That Medicine Can’t Give

Many people struggle to find answers in conventional medicine. Medications alone only mask symptoms. They don’t actually do anything to restore the damaged nerves that cause pain, numbness, tingling, and burning sensations in the extremities.

Following Each Step to Healing

When Richard first came to see us at 360 Neuropathy, he didn’t have much hope that anything would change. Still, he was determined to put in his best effort and follow all of Dr. Matt’s recommendations. He carefully stuck with the protocol and took his supplements every day. For the first time in years, Richard had concrete action steps he could take to fight back against neuropathy and try to regain his health.

Renewed Energy and Connection

Within a few months of starting care, Richard was amazed at how young and healthy he felt. He could stand and walk for long stretches of time, without feeling fatigued or having to take a break. His energy levels had bounced back up to where they used to be. As a result, he was eager to jump into more activities.

For the first time in six years, Richard played with his grandchildren again. Sharing in the joy of their laughter made every minute of rehabilitation worth it. He was doing what he loved with the people who mattered most to him, and he was no longer afraid that numbness, pain, or tingling would ever hold him back again.

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