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Natural Healing Help Is Available for Your Neuropathy

The first time Jesus came to 360 Chiropractic & Wellness, he had numbness in his hand, and some of his fingers were tingling. After three months of treatment, the tingling sensation is gone and he can sleep better. Now Jesus only has a bit of numbness at the tip of his finger, but otherwise, he feels good and recommends our practice for those seeking relief from their neuropathy.

Providing Effective, FDA-Approved Treatment

Dr. Matt saw a need to help patients like Jesus with their neuropathy without the use of medication. Dr. Matt offers a natural, multi-step protocol that gets amazing results. This protocol, which is primarily done at home, includes nutrition and supplementation.

In 2019, Dr. Matt became board-certified to treat neuropathy through the American College of Physical Medicine.

Special Offer

Our new patient special includes a comprehensive exam to diagnose your condition and evaluate how much sensory loss you have, any necessary X-rays, and Dr. Matt’s complete report of findings. It also includes Dr. Matt’s book, Reversing Neuropathy, all for just $49.

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If you suffer from neuropathy, don’t delay seeking care. That’s because once the nerve damage exceeds 85%, it becomes chronic and likely irreversible. Get the healing help you need by scheduling an appointment.

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