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Dr. Matt Talks Peripheral Neuropathy on Good Morning Texas

Hannah Davis, from WFAA News in Dallas, recently visited 360 Chiropractic & Wellness to talk to Dr. Matt about peripheral neuropathy and our approach to addressing this often debilitating condition.

In the segment, Dr. Matt explains that peripheral neuropathy is a condition where the peripheral nerves are damaged. These are the nerves that control the hands, arms, legs and feet. According to Dr. Matt, there are over 100 causes of neuropathy, including diabetes (the most common cause), alcoholism, prescription medication (e.g. statins), and exposure to toxins such as chemotherapy or Agent Orange.

Common Symptoms

Those who suffer from this condition may experience a broad range of symptoms, from numbness and tingling, burning sensations, electric shock-like pain, and muscle weakness in the arms and hands, legs and feet. Many people who have neuropathy also have challenges with coordination and balance which can lead to falls and fractures.

Getting to the Cause

According to Dr. Matt, typical neuropathy treatments involve heavy-duty drugs that just mask and manage the symptoms. These approaches are not good long-term solutions. Instead, it’s important to address the cause.

In the interview he talks about a process called angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels. “You’ve got to get oxygen and nutrients down into the nerves. You can only do it via the arteries. You’ve got to stimulate the nerves to grow as well,” said Dr. Matt.

He also finds that most neuropathy patients are nutrient deficient. “If you don’t give the body what it needs to heal itself naturally it’s not going to happen,” he added.

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