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Dr. Matt Discusses Natural Neuropathy Treatment on Good Morning TX

Neuropathy, or nerve damage, can cause many symptoms, depending on the type and location of the affected nerves. Common symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning, pain, and weakness in different parts of the body. In some cases, people may experience difficulty walking or balancing due to loss of sensation in their feet.

Hannah Davis, from WFAA News in Dallas, recently visited 360 Chiropractic & Wellness to talk to Dr. Matt about peripheral neuropathy, how it’s usually treated, and our customized, drug-free approach to treatment.

The Conventional Approach

While not opioids, the typical medications prescribed for neuropathy are in their own classification. Usually, these medications, which are prescribed for fibromyalgia, seizures, anxiety and depression, come with their own host of side effects. These drugs aren’t a good long-term solution for neuropathy. If not taken correctly, as prescribed or used long-term, the medications can cause significant damage.

While they do offer temporary pain relief and may help someone function daily, these medications are not a good long-term solution. They do nothing to reverse the nerve damage caused by neuropathy, and while patients take the medications, their condition continues to worsen.

If you’re taking medication for your nerve damage and want to try a natural approach, it’s important that you don’t just stop taking your medication. Talk to your doctor to see if they would be willing to decrease the dosage.

Providing a Natural & Customized Alternative

We want people to know that there are alternative means that actually reverse the damage caused by neuropathy. If you give the body what it needs to heal, it will heal at least up to a certain point.

Unlike a cookie-cutter approach to care, our approach is to treat patients as individuals. Our doctors first determine the cause of a patient’s nerve damage and the severity of it. “It could be a vascular issue. If you’re not getting enough oxygen and nutrients down into the nerves via the arteries, the body won’t heal. You have to stimulate the nerves to grow,” said Dr. Matt.

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Every new patient will also get a copy of Dr. Matt’s book, Reversing Neuropathy: 4 Steps for Reversing Neuropathy Now.

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