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Discover How One Patient Got Natural Help for Neuropathy Pain

Andre had been suffering with peripheral neuropathy and pain in his feet for years. His symptoms had persisted for so long that he had forgotten what “normal” felt like. In search of a drug-free solution that would actually address the underlying problem, rather than simply masking symptoms, Andre finally came to 360 Chiropractic & Wellness for an evaluation.

Our FDA-Approved, Non-Invasive Approach

Dr. Matt Thomas is board certified by the American College of Physical Medicine to treat peripheral neuropathy. He conducted a thorough evaluation and determined that Andre had severe nerve damage that was causing his neuropathy pain. He recommended a multi-part protocol to reverse the damage.

Andre was enthusiastic to begin the protocol, which includes nutrition, supplementation, and other therapies that Dr. Matt tailors to each patient’s specific situation.

Life-Changing Results

When he came in for his two-month follow-up appointment, Andre reported his feet felt great, with no pain. Most exciting for him is that he realizes he now feels “normal” again. With normal sensation in his feet and no pain, Andre can get back to doing the things he loves—after only eight weeks of care!

Special Offer

We have a new patient special, which includes a comprehensive exam to diagnose your condition and calculate how much sensory loss you have, any necessary X-rays, and Dr. Matt’s complete report of findings. It also includes Dr. Matt’s book, Reversing Neuropathy, all for $49.

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If you suffer from neuropathy, it’s important to treat it as quickly as possible. Once the nerve damage exceeds 85%, it becomes chronic and likely irreversible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. CONTACT US »

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