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A Patient Puts in the Work to Help Overcome Neuropathy

heel pain while walkingNeuropathy was wearing away at Charles’ quality of life. He had been suffering from numbness and tingling for years, and it was only getting worse.

When a friend referred him to 360 Neuropathy, he figured it was worth a shot. He had nothing to lose, and he’d do whatever it took to regain function.

Healing Nerves at the Root

Nerve damage doesn’t go away on its own. If left unaddressed, it continually gets worse. Symptoms that start out seeming like a mild annoyance often build up to a lack of mobility, as many patients are no longer able to stand or walk without assistance. To stop neuropathy in its tracks, it’s essential to heal nerves at the source so your body can regain function again.

Committed to the Work of Healing

Charles knew there was hope for him from the minute he stepped in the door. He was eager to start adjustments, but he also understood that recovery would take more than a few sessions on our machines. By now, the nerve damage was extensive, so it would take both time and a focused commitment for Charles to rebuild what he’d lost.

He changed his mindset and resolved to put in the effort, following all of Dr. Matt’s guidance. Healing was hard work, but with encouragement and positive feedback from our team, Charles found the willpower to continue doing the exercises. Little by little, he was feeling better, and that motivated him to continue pushing himself further.

Becoming Capable and Strong

Today, Charles has experienced a 70% reduction in symptoms. He loves coming into the clinic to greet our team and take one more step toward wellness. He knows he still has a ways to go, but he no longer believes that he’s trapped in pain and dysfunction. Charles has experienced a tangible life change, and he wants as many people as possible to find the same healing and energy that now drive him every day.

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