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Weight Loss in Frisco

Our chiropractic and weight loss center offers safe and natural weight loss programs to help our patients feel better, look better and enjoy the benefits of healthy weight parameters.

Our Metabolic Programfoot on a scale

Our metabolic program is a multipronged approach to increasing your metabolism and shedding unwanted pounds. Here are some of the dynamics of the program:

  • Drinking adequate amounts of alkaline water on a daily basis
  • Using bio-identical hormone creams to create hormonal balance
  • Eliminating toxic overloads of candida growth in the gut
  • Detoxifying the liver
  • Customizing dietary instructions and exercise suggestions
  • Rebooting a sluggish metabolism

Red Light Therapy represents another effective, safe and noninvasive way to shed stubborn body fat and inches.

Our patients love our weight loss solutions, and the accompanying support that we offer. If you or a loved one are having problems with shedding unwanted pounds, we urge you to contact us today. Find out about our money-back guarantee on your first Red Light Therapy session in Frisco.



  • Once I got married and had two kids, my weight just kind of came all of a sudden. I didn’t want to look like I did, so I called, and low and behold, it was true. I’ve lost 36 pounds in just a few weeks, and 17 inches, so I’m happy. This has been a Godsend to me and I’m looking forward to another 25 pounds by Christmas.

    - Elisha
  • I completed the 360 Weight Loss program and lost a total of 35 lbs and 8 inches in 2 months. It was an easy plan to follow and the weight loss technology they have is amazing!! It’s now a month later and I’ve kept the weight off and I’m still losing! Thank you 360 Weight Loss!

    - Jennifer
  • When I started this program, I didn’t believe it could happen. I started out a skeptic, as I’ve tried a lot of things over the years. I’ve read a lot of books, bought a lot of DVD’s but nothing has worked as fast, or as well as this amazing program. I’ve lost 30 pounds and packed on some muscle, so don’t tell me it can’t be done.

    - Gale
  • The easiest 15 lbs I’ve ever lost! I completed the weight loss program and not only did I feel better and have more energy, but I lost 15 lbs with little to no exercise. The best part is I’ve kept the weight off since finishing the program!

    - Anna
  • My wife and I completed the weight loss program and lost about 50 lbs together! It was easy! The best part was changing our eating habits for good. It was a complete lifestyle change! We felt better and looked better. Plus, it was great doing it as a couple. We have recommended the program to everyone we know!

    - Jacob
  • I lost 18 lbs! I had tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and neither worked for me! This actually worked for me! If I can do it, anyone can do it! They have weight loss technology that accelerates fat loss even more! Just follow the program!

    - Elaine


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